Memorial of Patsy Swayze

Patsy Swayze

7 February 1927 / 16 September 2013

Patsy Swayze, a mother of five including the late Patrick Swayze, died on Monday at the age of 86. This beautiful woman was a great choreographer and dance instructor. She started dancing at a young age and eventually ran her own studio, in addition to founding and directing the Houston Jazz Ballet Company. Furthermore, she choreographed a few films, such as Urban Cowboy and One Last Dance. May she rest in peace.



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Pamela Brumfield - 2013-11-14 03:12:19
I learned of Patsy's passing from a Waltrip High School friend, Roger Brault, whom I saw on November 10, 2013 where I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We both went to school with Buddy (no one ever called him Patrick back then)Buddy and his family lived on the street next to me in Houston,Texas, and he was always one of the kindest and most sensitive individuals I ever had the pleasure of knowing. I was so happy when he "made it" in Hollywood, and rightfully so, because he took a lot of abuse in High School due to his dancing and acting talent, although he also played football for the Waltrip Rams. It broke my heart to see him suffer............ he deserved so much more, and I will always feel his talent had barely been tapped when God called him home in 2009. Now his mom, Patsy, is with him in Heaven, and I have no doubt they are truly dancing "The Last Dance." Don, I hope somehow you and your family receive this message....... please know you and your family are in my prayers, and I share your sorrow. Most sincerely, Pamela Brumfield (Waltrip 1970)

marray - 2013-09-20 23:58:05
You taught me more about me than my mother. More than dance you taught me how to stand up and look people in the eye.You knew more about the anatomy of feet than my orthopedic. Though you wouldn't let me go to toe- you gave me the joy and beauty of dance. I will think of you often and, - dance. Love you, Patsy. Marray Miller Spillard, student 1955-1963

Jessica - 2013-09-20 14:54:18
Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the entertainment industry. Side note: thank you also for bringing one of the most handsome men into this world, Patrick. Rest in peace.